YPTMTZoom: Summer 2020 Workshops

photos: Kingmond Young

YPTMTZoom 2020

This summer, we are taking the Summer Workshops to YOU in the comfort of your own home! All classes will be conducted over Zoom.

Master classes with artists performing in Broadway shows like MEAN GIRLS, FROZEN, THE BOOK OF MORMON, THE KING AND I, MOTOWN, ALLEGIANCE, ANYTHING GOES, MISS SAIGON, LES MISERABLES, and many more. Get the ins and outs of the business from people who are currently working in the business. Network with artists that have been in the shoes you are now and find out what it took for them to get where they are.

And for the first time ever, YPTMTC is collaborating with American Conservatory Theater to hold a 4-week course introducing the fundamentals and principles of Acting and Musical Theatre. This course is FREE OF CHARGE and all are welcome to join. No experience necessary.

In order to enroll in these courses, you will have to fill out the Google Form (link below) and then pay on EventBrite (link in course descriptions) for the respective camps that you signed up for. This two-step process ensures security of your information. Thank you!

***Scholarships are available as needed upon request on a case-by-case basis. Please submit all submissions to zoom@yptmtc.org***

Please feel free to email zoom@yptmtc.org with any questions.


Thank you to everyone who participated with us!


JULY 14 – JULY 16 (1-2:30pm, T-Th)
Are you a high school student who wants to pursue theatre (acting, musical theatre, dance, etc) in college, but don’t know how to approach the process? Everything about college is supposed to be fun and educational, so prep for that in this course to set you up for success. In this three-day class, you will learn how to pick the right college program for you. Because every college program is different, they will ask for different materials for auditions. Whether there be a pre-screen, an interview process, or a mandatory tour of the school, prepare yourself in this class with the tools that will enhance your college audition skills. Learn how to network yourself without having to change your audition at Unifieds. You will also have Q&A sessions with recent graduates of top theatre schools like University of Michigan, New York University, CCM, etc. every day of this intensive.

JULY 14 – JULY 17 (3-5pm T-F)
In this ACTING INTENSIVE, you will learn to find and pick monologues that you feel connected to, find the highs and lows of a character, and learn the prep work that is required to go into an acting audition with your best foot forward. You will be finding a comedic piece and dramatic piece to share with the class at the end of the week.  An important skill that is often used in callbacks are cold reads, and we will build tools that will help you learn sides effectively and efficiently. You will also learn the basics of improv to create fun characters, get into the head and embodiment of your character all while staying connected to the truth. This is a safe space to challenge yourself, find discoveries, and have fun while adding tools to your tool belt!
**A live virtual showcase will conclude this class

JULY 20 – JULY 24 (3-5pm, M-F)
Do you find yourself worrying about how you sound in a song and not the material you are singing? Do you have a song or two that you’ve always wanted to work on but don’t know how to approach it? In this MUSICAL THEATRE REPERTOIRE class, you will hone in on the skills you already have to make you a great performer, being you. You will work with Broadway/National Tour actors and actresses that have performed in MEAN GIRLS, MISS SAIGON, ALLEGIANCE, ANYTHING GOES, LES MISERABLES, LCT’S THE KING AND I.
*Please come prepared (sheet music, piano accompaniment, recording device with piano accompaniment) with at least one song in the musical theatre canon to work on prior to class. **A live virtual showcase will conclude this class

**New masterclass with Tony Award Winner Lena Hall!**
MONDAY JULY 27 | 12-2pm pst | (click photo for more information)

JULY 7 – JULY 30 (12:15 – 1:15, TUES/THURS)
fee: $0
JULY 7 – JULY 30 (1:30 – 2:30, TUES/THURS)
For the first time, YPTMTC is collaborating with American Conservatory Theater to host TWO classes this summer: Introduction to Musical Theatre and Introduction to Acting. MFA students will be Teaching Artists in these two days a week, four-week course (July 7 to 30, every Tuesday and Thursday). No experience necessary, but highly encouraged. If you are interested in learning the fundamentals of theatre, expanding on your theatrical craft, or just want to have more songs in your book, this class is for you! Don’t let the “introduction” part steer you away from this class – these artists are currently working in the business and will teach you many ways of networking, growing in your art, and much more. Experience this course with the freedom to play, engage, and create.
***When signing up for this class, please make sure the students are available every Tuesday and Thursday during the designated time (one hour classes) for four weeks


JULY 27, JULY 29-JULY 30 (1:30-2:45pm, M,W,Th)
Do you ever find yourself dozing off in class and creating stories in your head? Does your creative mind need a platform to build upon? In this INTRODUCTION TO PLAYWRITING course, you will learn the fundamentals in creating a story from start to finish, building characters, and developing a storyline that has everything a play needs: drama. You will work with a working playwright in developing a story with your peers which will conclude in a one-act that is written by you.

JULY 28 – JULY 31 (3-4:30pm, T-F)
Do you find yourself not having anything to sing when the audition requirement asks for a pop/rock song? Does the pop/rock genre scare you? In this POP/ROCK INTENSIVE, you will hone in on the skills you already have and transfer that skill to sing in a different style that frightens many musical theatre performers. In this safe space, you will workshop this up-to-date style that productions are looking for. You will work with Broadway/National Tour actors and actresses that have performed in THE BOOK OF MORMON, MOTOWN, MEAN GIRLS, ALLEGIANCE, ANYTHING GOES.
*Please come prepared (sheet music, piano accompaniment, recording device with piano accompaniment) with at least one POP/ROCK song NOT in the musical theatre canon to work on prior to class.
**A live virtual showcase will conclude this class

DANCE WORKSHOP fee: $35 each session
AUG 4 – AUG 7 (SESS 2)
(1:15-2:45pm, T-F)
Do you find yourself dancing to hit songs from musicals like SIX, HAMILTON, or LEGALLY BLONDE: THE MUSICAL? Then this is the class for you! BUT, this is not like any of the other dance classes you have taken through Zoom. In DANCE WORKSHOP, you will learn one entire choreographed musical theatre piece. You will learn choreography, rehearse it, and record yourselves doing it to create a production video with your peers. This workshop will also teach you how to utilize your own space (whether you have a lot of space or not), transferring that skill to a packed dance audition room.

SELF-TAPE 101 fee: $35
AUG 4 – AUG 7 (3-4:30pm, T-F)
Self-tapes are what actors and casting directors refer to when it is considered a digital casting audition, instead of the alternative of an in-person audition. Self-tapes can be daunting, but it can also be less stressful. In this class, you will learn that self-tape technique comes with time and knowledge. So why not get that out of the way so your next self-tape can be done with ease. With the progression of technology, casting directors and productions are now looking to self-tapes to cast their upcoming seasons. Get better at utilizing the equipment that you have, improving your sound, recording in a tight space, and much more! Anthony will go through tips and tricks on how to create a self-tape that is curated for you. Each week, you will create self-tapes and get feedback on what worked, what didn’t work, and what could be done to really create a special and eye-popping self-tape.
**A virtual showcase will be edited at the conclusion of this class

No experience necessary for any of these courses.

Questions: please email zoom@yptmtc.org