Closed For Installation

Closed For Installation: Behind the Scenes at
de Young/ Legion of Honor Museums

The Harvey Milk Photo Center just launched its latest virtual gallery project, “Closed for Installation: Behind the Scenes at de Young / Legion of Honor Museums.” 

“The photographs in this exhibit are a glimpse behind the scenes, a document of technical and creative interaction, and a reminder that museum workers have always brought art in the light.”

Osvaldo Ruiz, Curator
Sr. Lighting Technician
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
de Young | Legion of Honor

“You can be assured that literally thousands of decisions, which are invisible to the viewers and guests are apparent, as they coalesce and fuse into the visual seamless performance we all get to enjoy when taking a stroll in a museum gallery, and for now, presented here, within our ‘Virtual Gallery.’”

Dave Christensen
Curator and Director of the Harvey Milk Photo Center

This beautiful gallery gives a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of world-class museum exhibits and is accompanied by an original musical score written and played by Rafael Molina.  Rafael is an alum of the Young People’s Teen Musical Theatre Company and we are thrilled honor his accomplishments.

Rafael is a Latinx artist-activist transplanted in New York, originally from San Francisco. As a musician and composer he has worked with various regional theatre, and production companies coast to coast. Recent performing credits include the virtual world premiere of Rodney Hicks’ Just Press Save (Pride Plays), She Loves Me (Village Theatre), and West Side Story (BATCO). In addition to his work as a performer and composer, Rafael has extensive experience in concept, writing and content creation in media and theatrical events. He is currently a producer for Seattle Shakespeare Companies’ Exit Pursued by Race and Education, a podcast about the history of systemic racism in Shakespeare and educational institutions, alongside the stories of community educators, students, and artists.
BFA Cornish College of the Arts. Rafael is a proud member of Actors’ Equity Association.